Live Server Update - 02 July 2018

Greetings Mortals,

We’ve just performed a Live Server Update with the following changes:

  • Hero Statue changes:
    • Set resistance cap for Hero Statue to 75%.
    • Hero Statue can now be stunned briefly.
    • Increased effectiveness of slow effects against Hero Statues.
  • War Changes:
    • Fixed that Alliances were eliminated from War immediately.
    • Fixed the incorrect “Could not join War” message.
    • Fixed regenerating Fury Points.
    • Fixed that Strikes displayed as available despite not being available.
    • Fixed resetting VP counts for Spoils of War.
    • Fixed incorrect chat message when having a Strike declared against your Alliance.
    • Fixed incorrect values for Bonus Torch thresholds.
  • Made an attempt to fix the large number of attacks when breaching 18,000 Trophies.
  • Reduced Gem cost of Medusa’s Gaze Invocation.
  • Reduced Dominance required to unlock all Heroes.
  • Epic Item Chests no longer contain Blessed items.

Thanks,- Your Olympus Rising Team

Hi all,

We performed a second update today to prepare the server for Version 4.0.4.

Thanks,- Your Olympus Rising Team