Live Server Update - 04th of September 2018

Hi Queens & Kings,

We have just performed a LiveServer Update. These are the changes:


  • The storage capacity of the university was drastically increased (new max:  from level 1: 10.000  up to level 10: 150.000).


-Since all users have to be on the same version now, the Pro-Shop will now show the changes announced yesterday in layout and sets.

See you in the forums,


Unannounced: the price of pro shop gear has gone up.  :frowning:

That’s confirmed. But it’s fine with me, we can now get pro gear of our choice without needing to wait endless.

Good change, I bought 8 pro items right away.

how long will pro products stay?

Actually, I was already expecting this. I found it strange when they said we could buy any item previously shown…

I do agree with @Dena4 though, I prefer prices a bit higher then having to wait God knows for how many months…

Just to buy THAT piece of gear :slight_smile:

Bomkicking ring went from 8k to 13.5k… ?

i think nemesis should be buffed more for that price it should be a top tier pal

For that price Nemesis should be able to 1 shot any player base.

Hi SaNTos,

it is not planned to remove any items from it in the foreseeable future.

Keep the same as change :slight_smile: you work very well :slight_smile:


that’s the point for that price i took me almost  6 months to collect 147k crystal it should be worth the time and the gems spent to collect such a huge crystal amount i think they should re work on the “beast power”