Live Server Update 05.03.20


Greetings Kings & Queens,

:mega:We just performed a Live Server Update to implement the following changes:

:pushpin:Weekly Chest Improvements:

  • Removed “Magic” rarity chance from worst 2 weekly chests & redistributed the chance onto the other, better rarities
  • Slightly lowered chances to get items in the weekly chests for players who have unlocked Runes (-5% for the worst 2 chests)
  • Improved best non-rune weekly chest to have a 10% chance for gems, up from 5%
  • Normalized Pearl chance to be 30% for all weekly chests
  • Normalized Pal chance for all weekly chests (2%,5%,5%,10%)
  • Reduced Pal food chances for most chests and redistributed chances onto other rewards
  • Rebalanced Mount chances for non-rune and “Rune feature unlocked” weekly chests (0%,0%,2%,7% and 0%,2%,2%,5%)
  • Added a chance to find Runes for the worst 2 “Rune feature unlocked” weekly chests: (10% & 15%)
  • Revised & improved Rune Tiers. Runes up to T3 can now be found in all “Rune feature unlocked” weekly chests except the worst one (10%/35%/65% combined chance to get a T3, if(!) a rune drops
  • Improved unique item chance if(!) an Uber item drops for the two best “Rune feature unlocked” weekly chests to 25% & 50%

:pushpin:Daily Quest Reward Improvements:

Removed all gold rewards for the two highest daily quest tiers (levels 90-130):

  • Quick quests that gave gold now give item reward chests
  • Rebalanced all other rewards where gold was removed (more pearls, runes and other chest types)

:rotating_light:Please keep in mind that only newly generated quests will not have Gold rewards. If you already have an active Daily Quest that rewards Gold, the next Quest after that one will then have other rewards.

-Your Royal Revolt 2 team