Live Server Update - 05 June 2018

Hello Olympians,

Today we had a live server update and we fixed some issues regarding the War Season:

  • Reset the War Season. Note: League positions will only be resorted at the start of the next War. Due to technical limitations, we will not be removing Torches won in the last War.
  • Fixed that some Strikes were disappearing after being declared.
  • Fixed that some battles only added VP found in the Vault to the Strike total.
  • Increased the Alliance Gold rewards for individual Wars. Note: currently the Alliance Gold rewards for the League of Titans are displayed for all Leagues. This will be fixed very soon in an upcoming game version. The amount shown in the War Celebration is the correct amount for your League.

Important information: Compensation for the incorrect first Season will be confirmed and delivered within the next 24 hours.

Thank you

Your Olympus Rising Team 

We will begin distributing the compensation for the broken War Season starting at 11AM CET. This could take up to 5 hours, so please do not worry if you don’t receive your Gems until this evening.

Since you lost out on the first Season, we will be compensating Alliances with the Gem reward you would normally have won had you been in the correct League at the end of the Season. For example, although Red Squadron were incorrectly sorted into the League of Mortals, they will receive the reward from the League of Titans (their correct League). 

Alliances who would normally have been in the League of Mortals will also receive a nominal amount of Gems.