Live Server Update 06.09.19 (Asking users to use the new version, some other changes)

:prince::princess: Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. All players are asked to use the new version 5.2 now.

These are the changes:

Changed Unlocks:

• Donkey Guardian to unlock from Hero Level (HL) 20 to Throne Room Level (TRL) 4

• Dungeon unlock from HL5 to HL4

• Granny unlock from HL8 to 5

• Tammy unlock from TRL 3 to 2

• Archimedes unlock from TRL 7 to TRL 3

Longer playtime:

Busy players in Conquest will not have their session interrupted anymore so quickly. We have changed the offline force activation timer to 6 hours (for 15 minutes). Playing a battle will not reset the timer though.

Change to free Pal and free Guardian Chest:

We have now activated the change that we have announced here.:

Free Pal and free Guardian chest will expire 2 weeks after you have collected them.

That’s it for today. Keep raiding and have a nice weekend!

Your Royal Revolt 2 team

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