Live Server Update 08.08.2019

:prince::princess:Kings and Queens,
We have just performed a Live Server Update with the following changes:

Patch Notes:

  • Good news :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:, we have reduced the amount of Pearl Upgrades needed to unlock the second Rune slot:
    Items: 30
    Spells, Obstacles, Units: 75

  • With this update, we want to reduce the gem costs for the Blacksmith building boost to be more in accordance with the other production boosts in the game. This will give players a better hour/per gem ratio. To go along with this, the Blacksmith meltdown boost was reduced from 3 to 2 and the gem activation cost from 50 to 30.

  • We have increased the chances to find Hidden Treasures in normal battles. :rr2advisorhappy:

  • Heal Towers should now correctly show if Traps are within the healing range of the tower :rr2advisornod:.

Following some more feedback on the following Pals and Guardians we have made the following changes:

  • Eris rebalance:
    – Eris attacks towers with its lightning attack now
  • :rr2goruc:Goruc rebalance:
    – Increased movement speed to 4,0
    – Cooldown until 1st use per battle=15,00sec
    – Appearances per Battle=2
    – Appearance Duration=17 (34 in total)
    – Has now 3 devours per activation
  • :rr2gaspar:Gaspar rebalance:
    – Increased appearance duration to 25 sec (from 15)
    – Decreased cooldown before first activation to 50s (from 60s)
    – Increased Intimidate and Royal Flush (ability) range to 4 (from3) to match normal attack range

That’s it for today! :rr2crab:
Keep raiding,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

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