Live Server Update 09.09.19 - Fixing an issue with a Rune one-time offer

Kings and Queens,
We have just performed a Live Server Update. We have fixed an issue with a one-time Rune offer that went live on Friday and was active over the weekend, which incorrectly contained level 1 Runes.
This should now not happen anymore.

We want to compensate users, who have acquired the one-time offer between the point of activation and this Live Server Update now.

We will offer another Rune chest as compensation measured by the one time offer which was acquired. Please note this will need another Live Server Update (which will also be performed today) and is not part of this Live Server Update now.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the issue.


The compensation LSUs have happened right now.
If you have not received your compensation Rune chest (but purchased the Rune offer between Friday and this mornings LSU), please contact our customer service (in English):

Thank you and good day!
Your Royal Revolt 2 team