Live Server Update - 10.04.2019 (Force to version 5.0)


?Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. These are the changes:

Bug fixes and general changes: 

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the enemy Ninjas in Ninja battles from appearing

  • Reduced the costs to skip the Alliance Donation Cooldown to max 100 Gems

  • Reset Tournament Records for all Leagues

  • Increased amount of Favorites from 10 to 30

Balancing changes:

  • Royal Guardian “Advisor”:

All unique Advisor spells are now slightly more powerful (more damage, longer duration of time-warp, higher moral pool of summoning spell)


  • Conquest Tent (to have a better counter to double boosted Gargoyle towers (War and Conquest boost) that are placed near to the attackers’ tent):

-          Increased base pool of heal beacon by 30% on all boost levels

-          Increased bomb damage per Tent Level: By 5% on all boost levels


  • Goruc:

-          Increased duration from 7 to 9 sec per activation

-          Decreased Devour Ability Duration from 2 to 1.4 sec to match Animation and VFX

-          the Ability can be used twice now per activation instead of once


  • Nidhogg Offense Beast:

-          Attack damage increased on all levels:

-          +6% fire damage on each Level (from 3% to 9%)

-          +4.5 % poison damage on each Level (from 4.5% to 9%)


  • Archimedes Offense Beast:

-          Base Damage increase to 4200 (from 4000)

-          Attack Damage increased on all Levels from 8.5% to 17%


  • Growl Offense Beast:

-          Base Damage increase to 3200 (from 2000)

-          Attack Damage on all Levels from 5% to 7% (same as Howl)


Your Royal Revolt 2- team