Live Server Update - 11.03.2020

:crown: Hello everyone :crown:

With today’s Live Server Update we initiated the first step of our discontinuation of the Pro-League (announced here: Happy 6th Anniversary). The following things were executed:

  • Each player who did not already own a free Pro-League Ticket was gifted one, so they can participate in the last ever Pro-League starting this Friday.
  • Pro-League Tickets have been removed from all Chests in the game. Pro-Chests that used to have a probability for a Pro-Ticket, now have increased chances for Pro-Items.
  • Players who still own a Pro-Ticket-Chest (a chest that solely contains tickets), will have each ticket from that chest converted to at least 200 Gems.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding those changes.
Thanks and have a good day,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - Team


What will be the conversion rate of pro crystal to gems??


Can flare please gift everyone a few crystals as farewell gift of pro leagues …I am missing nemesis by just 10-15k…:sweat::sweat::sweat:


I opened 3 PRO chests before upgrading, I got 2 PRO tickets - seriously ?

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I have bought 3 tickets back in the days will it be converted into gems?

That is some awesome idea… haha… I would love that gift as well… :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

there is one League and a conquest to win more Pro Chests , maybe it fits

Once again the Flare managed to rip us off.
Pro subscription for more than 6 months to take Nemesis.
120000 Lost crystals thrown away.
I have now taken the Pro box.
What am I doing ???
I’m at level 92, I was waiting to get to level 96 to get the level 130 Pro armor.
If I need Gems, I’ll buy them.
You are always getting worse.
Google Translate.


I have 14 pro tickets and I had spend 6000 gems to get this. Now you are stopping the proleague and I LL get what 14*200 = 2800 gems!!! Just great. I want my gems back.

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That’s crazy some don’t understand anything :rofl:


They have not released info on the amount of reimbursement yet.

200 gems is for the pro ticket chest, the one you get from war if you reach like 75k skulls.

We still don’t now how much reimbursement for the tickets bought.

Hello Everyone,
What do you think of the final pro-league? :grinning:

  • In the final Pro-League, Flaregames should be given us unlimited time to play Pro-League. (Because sometimes we lose the challenges in the first attempt, Sometimes it has been shown that, if we try 2-5 times, we can win challenges :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

  • All the challenges have to be very simple & easy If everyone gets the full crystals. :joy:

  • Everyone should be given the highest rewards :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

What do you think, comment below…

(Translated by Google uncle :rofl: :joy: :joy:)

Waiting for a new update :heart:


I spent 500 gems for pro tickets. I better get 500 gems back
Also, I too have been saving for nemesis. Now how to we get him?


Buy phoebes and be happy!


No, instead you’ll get pro league with beast on every level. Enjoy :wink::sweat_smile:


420 pro crystals to 1 1gem

1 crystal = 10 gems :innocent:


:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I have 128k crystals, not sure that it will be enough to get nemesis until the end. If not, I think I stop playing this game. Too tired of these stupid changes.

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Instead of leaving the game you should join the petition of nerfing nemesis.
« If you can’t have it, then others must not benefit from it »

Anyways I am pretty sure that flare will do something about him :slight_smile:
Because they talked about meta change.

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