Live Server Update - 11.03.2020

Participate in a top tier conquest. It’ll give you about 20k crystals.

You just need to get 2k from this upcoming pro league.

I don’t think it should be nerfed. After removing Pro-League any fun content should be keep saved. It is better to keep him as a reward for smth else. Also I don’t think he is too imba comparing other offensive strategies, but he is a good reward now for the price. Just need to think about a new way to get him.

I hope you’re right, then I believe now that it is possible, thanks.

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This is a very very short notice of ending pro league. I have 9 tickets remaining and the price to buy this ticket , one for example cost 500 gems, and your compensation of giving 200 for each ticket is less than 50% of paid amount. You could have provided 4 weeks notice to be fair.

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They will only pay 200 for the tickets that were won in chests, those bought with gems will be refunded, that was said in the previous news

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Again with nemesis lol. When are you guys going to see it isn’t any more out of balance than some of the spells, units, armor, runes, and boosts you already use with or without it lol? Nemesis only does what he does because of the other stuff/perks you guys are using. He runs where you run, so if you can counter the damage getting there, then yes, he might beat the worst of it when you need him. That still doesn’t excuse something like Hammerstrike being kind of op right now, between cooldown, rune, and armor boost. The slow is a bit too much on Toxic, in most cases works better than shield because you simply avoid the damage that would stop you… and without something like the nerfed donkey even needed. Most of the time, no instas either.

Something earned over time like nemesis isn’t a problem for me, it’s how free to plays work. He instead needs a counter if you all see him as a problem. There are some things you can do now btw to increase failure chances that most of you aren’t (it is kind of all or nothing, so gems might still be every few raids), but nerfing should be a last resort in my mind. Balancing everything together is the better route, or we have more of the same things happening like what you say about him.

If you have to take some of the strength away from something doing this, fine, but preferential nerfing isn’t going to fix things. It breaks things and they are forgotten for a year or more. It has up till now, and I don’t see that changing with this practice called for every time you don’t get the fails you want. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer something where we didn’t all have to use the same stuff, because the other stuff didn’t do the job as advertised. Example: why does something not listed do more damage against things listed as a weakness when that weakness is something like 250%, and others one hit against a 50% strength with a shorter cooldown than the “supposed” weakness? If that’s an example of balance, I’ve been misinformed my entire life lol.


Why don’t I get an answer?

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Hi dear
First of all, good health support
then I would like to ask why my account is playing but cannot be connected
I have played royal revolt 2 for a long time, so that account is very passionate for me
I still want to dedicate to the game
For that reason, expect support to review and support me so that I can regain my account

Can you tell me the ratio for converting pro crystals into diamonds?


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. Our Customer Support Team would gladly look into this for you. Please contact us via

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For further information on the upcoming changes, including the Pro-Crystal - Gem exchange rate, we kindly advise you to follow our official communication channels and our in-game messages and obtain the information once it becomes available for everyone.

Most are operating with the 42 (crystals) :1 (gem) conversion like the festivals, but I don’t think anyone official has said anything. I wouldn’t expect them to till the day it happens, or it is already done. Spend them if you’re on the fence, not likely to pay much unless you have hundreds of thousands or millions of crystals stored.

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We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. Our Customer Support Team would gladly look into this for you. Please contact us via

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I have 2 questions. I have many pro chests that I had previously bought with crystals.

  1. When you say crystals will be removed from pro chests on Mar. 30, does that include previously purchased pro chests? (The ones I have in my inventory already but haven’t opened yet)

  2. If there is no date/deadline to open the pro chests I have in my inventory, they will still be there past Mar. 30, right? I don’t need to open them before that…I won’t lose them?

Thank you in advance!

The shop closes and thus no purpose for the crystals anymore.
I guess they could just remove the probability to get crystals in chests (so you would only get pro gear, pal food and pearls)

But I guess it is wiser to open them before … who knows what might happen.

Thanks. I am asking about previously purchased chests, and I was hoping Flare might know.

Can you help me please​:relieved::relieved::relieved:

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Can you help me please :crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face:

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I know players that have been playing pro to get Nemesis and they are only like 3000 cristals short. Can’t you do something for these players,like a sale with 10 or 20 % cristals off? Please do something for these players, they are very disappointed and talking about leaving the game and I can not imagine that’s what you want by ending pro league.