Live Server Update - 12.02.19 //Force onto version 4.5


?Kings and Queens,

We have just performed the Force Update. With this update, we ask all players to install the new version and with it, we introduce the following changes:



·         The food cost reduction perk on items was changed to now work in Dungeon Battles as earlier announced. Because of this, we have now reduced the medal gain in Dungeon battles and therefore, we have reset the Tournament World League Records for all leagues once more.

·         The Sanzu-Set is now activated in the Pro-Shop.

·         We raise the Alliance Chat Messages to 150 again.

·         PVE Units can’t be pushed or pulled anymore.

Nemesis rework:

-          Changed attacks of bombs. Every bomb deals the same amount of normal damage and has a new effect. 1. Blessing 2. Confuse probability 3. Zombify probability 4. Black Magic effect 5. Spirit Howl effect Increased movement speed of Nemesis Pal, Attack and Defense Beast by+2 on all levels (from 4 to 6)

-          Originally, we planned to have translocation as a bomb effect (as stated in the “discuss upcoming balancing section of the forum”, but as you can see we now have decided to exchange it with Blessing.


Ceres fear chance:

Pal, Attack and Defense Beast fear chance now works as the item perk. (to provide transparency for players)

  • removed static fear chance of 100%

  • fear chance now increases per level for both pal and the beast versions.


Royal Guardians:

-        Goruc

+0,8 movement speed on all levels

+5,3% fire damage per level

  • 1 use per battle (based on max battle time) resulting in 7sec more appearance time and one more ability use.


-          Trusty

  • +3% melee attack ice damage per lvl

  • +4% Icicle Rain spell dmg per lvl

  • Reduced cooldown per use by 4 seconds


-         -  Added new maximum levels to Goruc (Level 9) and Gaspar (Level 7)


  • from 100% Ice weakness to 50% Ice resistance

  • from 50% Fire weakness to 75% Fire weakness

  • reduced impact from Slow effects


Known Issues with this version:

-          Goruc’s devour VFX ends prematurely. The functionality is not affected, it is only a display bug.

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