Live Server Update - 16.11.18 several changes

Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update we have implemented the following changes:

  • Storage Conquest:

We have received a lot of feedback of the community to adjust the donation cycle for Troops, Wisdom and Stones to be shorter because of the shortened Conquest time. We have decided to go with a 24 hour donation cycle. That means from now on it will be possible for players to donate these resources every 24 hours. As a consequence, the storage capacities and the current resources in storage have been reduced by 50%.

  • Alliance Gold costs for reward Alliance Boosts (War, Pro-League and Conquest)

We have a treat for all of the alliances short of alliance gold. These costs were REDUCED by a whopping 25%. So for an level80 Alliance the max costs are down to 1.500.000.

  • ¬†Tech tree Wisdom cost change

Alliances can only spend ~60% of wisdom cost as compared to the previous Conquest. Therefore, Alliances will not be able to develop 100% of the techs. This should further emphasize the function of the tech TREE, meaning it is asked to decide by the Alliance which tech is most valuable to them.

We hope you will welcome these changes and look forward to receiving your feedback in the feedback thread.


Kind regards,


Hi there, there seems to be some confusion about the price reduction for REWARD Alliance boosts.

Please note that the free activated special war boosts are excluded from the list: Those are activated for free for a short amount of time for everyone regardless of the results. So these do not count as reward boosts and therefore these are not included in the list of the reward boosts prices that we have adjusted.

Thank you!