Live Server Update - 16th of August // Conquest rewards update II / Other news

Dear players,

we have now performed two live server updates. This will give you your conquest chests. Additionally, I also want to inform you about some other news:


  • All players, who participated in the conquest, should have received all their chests now. If not, please contact support:

  • Refunding gold: We want to refund the gold alliances have spent on the +3 Max War Battles- bug on the tech tree asap. I will inform you when this will be implemented.

  • The new date for the upcoming conquest will be the 5th of September. We work hard to implement changes suggested by the community to the new conquest. :slight_smile: As said earlier,  due to the time being we have to evaluate the most important changes that make it into the new conquest first. Not all of them can make it in time into the new version. I will soon start giving an overview to the improvements of the new conquest.

Other news:

  • The new Ninja event will start on the 28th of September.

  • And we have a surprise event for you, which will start next week Thursday. I will give out more details next week :slight_smile:

Have a good evening,