Live Server Update - 18.12.2018

Dear Olympians,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. Are you ready, warriors of the Olympus? Here are the patch notes.:

  •          Toned down the matchmaking change done in the last update where we tried to match lower level opponents on inner islands.
  •          Removed excessive Blessings from several Alliances.
  •          Compensated said Alliances with Alliance Gold equal to the amount spent.

Note: Since our policy has been not to remove Blessings from Alliances, we will also be giving a one-off Gem compensation to those Alliances which we have removed Blessings from.

May Zeus always have mercy on you,

Your Olympus Rising team

_ _ _

Feedback thread:


Hi guys,

We apologize for the on-going issue with the war blessings. We are looking into the situation and working on a fix which we hope to have before the new war starts. In the case, we cannot make the deadline for the new war, we hope to provide a fix that allows us to solve the problem manually for each alliance one-by-one, in time for the next War. I will keep you updated on the situation and am sending again the biggest apologies from the team. It is a delicate situation and we really hope to solve it soon.

Hi guys, these are the alliances that have blessings which can only be prolonged for too short a time (as of now). If you see your alliance is not on the list, but affected as well, please write your name in the feedback thread: