Live Server Update - 18.12.2019

:crown: Kings and Queens,

With today’s Live Server Update we have some early Christmas presents for y’all! :christmas_tree:

:gift: The translation feature in the Alliance Chat has been activated for all Alliances!
:gift: The Pro-Shop is now sporting 4 new Pro-Sets: Granny Set, Viking Set, Northpole Set, and Necromancer Set!
:gift: XP rewards from Chests and Hidden Treasures have been increased!
:gift: The base rune production of all 4 Rune Production Slots has been doubled!

  • Slot 1 (2 -> 4)
  • Slot 2 (3 -> 6)
  • Slot 3 (5 -> 10)
  • Slot 4 (10 -> 20)

(NOTE: This does not apply to the bonus runes per Blacksmith level)
We hope you enjoy those changes and good luck for tomorrow’s Conquest Event!
Your Royal Revolt 2 Team :star2: