Live Server Update - 25.10.18 - Bela buff + New Conquest Tier

Dear players,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. There were 2 changes:

1. Change:

Just in time for Halloween, we have performed the earlier announced Bela Pal, Offense and Defense Beast Buff:

  • ?Increasing infection chance per level 20-29%
  • ?Doubled Poison damage of normal Attack
  • ?Blunt damage of normal attack +10% on all levels
  • ?Lifedrain spell duration +1sec on all levels (-> 40% uptime)
  • ?Lifedrain radius +1 on all levels (more range)
  • ?Lifedrain damage over time strength +20% on all levels

Please note: The displayed Infection percentage is true for all units with three slight exceptions. Werewolves, Monks, and Mummies currently have a 0,5 multiplier on the displayed value. Essentially we cut the infection chance for those three units in half but overall Bela’s Infection chance was buffed a lot. We appreciate your input on the issue.

  • And: With the new upcoming client 4.3 coming out very soon you will be able to to see the Infection chance % in all Bela stat screens.

TL;DR: Bela is ? ? ?


2. Change:

We have added one more tier on top of the  Conquest tiers called Novice Adventurers (tier 7). This should further guarantee that top Alliances are evenly matched. In general, about 100 alliances were ranked 1 tier up.

With this change, we rebalanced tier 5 and 6 very slightly in order to give the top tier all the top level boosts. These are the changes that we made:


  • Tier 6 Veteran Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (level 4), ConquestTrioxinTower (level 4), ConquestViking (level 4), ConquestTent (level 4)
  • Tier 5 Seasoned Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (level 3), ConquestTrioxinTower (level 3), ConquestViking (level 3), ConquestTent (level 3)


  • (new!) Tier 7 Novice Adventurers - ConquestGargoyle (level 4), ConquestTrioxinTower (4), ConquestViking (4), ConquestTent (4)
  • Tier 6 Veteran Explorers - ConquestGargoyle(3), ConquestTrioxinTower(4), ConquestViking (4), ConquestTent (3)
  • Tier 5 Seasoned Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (2), ConquestTrioxinTower (3), ConquestViking (3), ConquestTent (2)

- As you can see in Tier 5 and 6 the ConquestGargoyle boost and the ConquestTent boost got reduced by 1 level.

TL;DR: One new top tier; 2 reduced boosts by 1 level in tier 5 and 6

If you want to discuss this news with us, you can do so here:

Have a good day,