Live Server Update 27.06.19 - Donkey Nerf, Dragon Buff, Other smaller adjustments

:crown: Kings and Queens,
We have just performed a Live Server Update.
These were the changes:

Fixed: Maximum Gargoyle Tower spawns less Gargoyles than a lower tower.

:arrow_down: Donkey Nerf:
We had a close look at the current Battles fought with Donkey :rr2donkey: . Donkey was too overpowered, giving raiders the possibility to beat high-level level bases with ease, even way above their Hero/Skill level. As discussed in a forum topic starting at the end of April, we have performed the following changes (we added one more change though):

    -(minus) 1 activation per battle and -(minus)2 sec appearance 
    duraction per activation

    -(minus) 0,5 base movement speed from 6 to 5,5.

    Reduced dmg against barricades, blockades and traps.

    Morale Recharge Multiplier - (minus) 10% on all levels.

    Speed multiplier during carrot charge from 1.4 to 1.2
    Strength of Battlecry effect ca. - (minus) 10% on all levels.
    - (minus) 3 seconds Carrot Charge duration from 7sec to 4sec

:arrow_up: Dragon Pal Buff:

  • The Attack range of all Dragon Pals was increased (Eldrak, Nidhogg, Nemesis) to be able to attack Lightning and Firebolt Towers in corners.

  • Additionally, Nemesis’ Dragon Dash Damage was tripled across all levels.

:european_castle: Changes to Armageddon Scroll:
Armageddon Scroll now deals Blunt Damage to make it useful for damaging Towers as well.

Thanks and keep raiding! :crossed_swords:
Your Royal-Revolt 2 team :rr2advisornod: