Live Server Update - 27th of September 2018

Kings & Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update ?.

  • For all upcoming Ninja Events, we removed 90% of the gate towers. 
  • Provided a fix for the Spells slots issue in Pro-League (If you still experience issues after the fix, let us know in the earlier announced thread).
  • Paying out compensation for the issue with the “boost castle” event ( Everybody who has started an alliance-building upgrade during the current “boost castle” event, will get a refund for the difference of the gold cost being displayed and the actual gold amount being deducted. )

If you want to discuss this news, you can do so here:

See you in the forums,


Regarding the fix for the Spells slot issue in Pro-League:

We have attempted a fix that is a fast solution so people can still enjoy Pro-League. Currently, if the bug occurs user will get a disconnect, which then (once logged in again), fixes the loadout. We are still working on a permanent solution for this issue and apologize for any inconvenience that occurs. Thank you for your understanding.