LK1ng's Guide to Victory

LK1ng’s Guide to Victory


     Hi everyone!  Today I decided to write a series of guides for players of all levels.  I will stop around king level 85, because that happens to be my king level. :grinning:

     Now, this guide is NOT going to be a dictionary of Royal Revolt terms or a catalogue of upgrade prices or anything like that. If you want that, visit this wiki page made by oPelle: The guide that I am writing here will give you an idea of what is effective at your level, whether certain upgrades are worthwhile, and things like that. It will give you ideas on how to make good waves and a strong base and attacking strategy and such.   Table of Contents      Kings Level 30 and under -

     Kings Level 30-55

     Kings Level 55-85   Take care, and may the ogres always be on your side,   LK1ng

PROGRESS UPDATE: hey guys, in a few weeks I’ll be working on this again :slight_smile:

King Level 30 or less

 – General Tips

 – Troops ->

 – Spells ->

 – Towers ->

 – Offense ->

 – Defense

 – Equipment

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King Level 30 or less: Troops

      Knights are very important to upgrade. Level 4 is okay, but level 5-6 is ideal. They are fairly cheap and you will be using them for a long, long time. Even at level 80+, knights are still used by some kings. They are useful mainly because of their low morale and fast walking speed.

      Archers are very important to upgrade. Goal should be around 4-5. (Expect your archers to lag one upgrade behind your knights.) They are also fairly cheap and you will end up using them for a long, long time. Some top 100 bases still use archers as one of their defensive units, so archers will be useful all the way to the endgame.

      Paladins are less important to upgrade. At this king level, upgrading your paladins to around level 3-5 is good enough. The strength of the paladin is his high health. He tends to be more effective on defense than on offense.

      Frosters  are very important to upgrade. Upgrade these as high as you can; they are worth it. They are great on both defense and offense. Upgrading a froster is important mostly because it takes longer to kill an upgraded froster. The longer a froster is alive, the more it can slow your opponent down. Frosters are used all the way into the endgame.

      Cannons are critical to unlock. You will probably only need cannon level 3 for a while. At this king level, cannons are amazing on offense because they do great damage to towers. Although not all players used them, I always used them in battle until around king level 75, so you will be using these things for a long time. They are also still used in defense by top 100 players.

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King Level 30 or less: Spells


      Hammerstrike is important to upgrade, at least at earlier levels. Level 6 is reasonable for this king level, because it will be eventually replaced by better spells. However, if you decide that you really like hammerstrike, feel free to use it and upgrade it as high as you wish. There have been many players that use max hammerstrike with great success. I am personally not a fan of hammerstrike and I would not recommend it. But if you want to, go ahead; it is a valid and successful strategy.

      Toxic cloud  is not important to upgrade. I would probably not take it much past level 3 or 4; it’s just not worth it. If you have spare gold lying around and have nothing else to upgrade, you might as well upgrade it, but toxic cloud is currently one of the least useful spells in the game. It works well on paladins… and that’s about it.

      Stun  is somewhat important to upgrade, maybe? I never liked it. If you have three spell slots and two other good strong spells, then stun can sometimes be viable, but at this king level, it’s really not that worth it. Until it is almost maxed, the stun-time is simply too short. There have been players that use max stun with great success, but at this rank I would say don’t bother. Work on things like firestorm first.

      Firestorm  is critical to upgrade. This spell is the staple of attack at your king level. It destroys barricades, frost towers, and arrow towers, and it does good damage to most other towers (except the gargoyle tower). I used it consistently until I was around king level 60. As much as possible, I would recommend upgrading this spell as high as your wizard’s tower will allow.

      Swordrain  is critical to upgrade. This spell is mainly used to target troops. I would say to put this spell as high as possible, but realistically that will probably be around level 3. Keep this spell in mind; you will want to upgrade this pretty high eventually. It is still used by players at the top ranks. (By the way, a good rule of thumb is this: when your swordrain can’t one-shot people’s frosters, it’s time to upgrade your swordrain.)

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King Level 30 or less: Towers

      Arrow towers are important to upgrade, at least at earlier levels. Level 6 is decent; high levels of this tower are affordable and a lot of this tower can help you gain victories against your attackers. However, it’s not worth it to upgrade this tower much more than 6 or maybe 8, because it will not be used when you grow larger.

      Bomb towers  are critical to upgrade. These may seem really weak, and, well, they are. You are upgrading them because one day you will have the bomb tower elite boost, and then these towers will be amazing. Your goal should be to have three max bomb towers (more is probably overkill). Obviously, that won’t happen right now. I would just focus on upgrading one or maybe two. I used to leave one in my base at all times and just upgrade it whenever I thought about it. Then when it became bigger I started over with another one. I really should have started on my bomb towers earlier; because now I am frantically trying to upgrade them and it is very slow. But anyways, yes, make sure to upgrade these even if you don’t use them much.

      Frost towers  are not important to upgrade at all. Maybe build one and put it to level three or something, but only if it is cheap for you. These towers will quickly become useless and you might as well not bother with them. As of yet there are no good elite boosts for the frost tower. I.e., spend your money on something else.

      Gargoyle towers  are important to upgrade. At weaker levels, these towers are really not all that useful and not very strong. However, they do have an elite boost (activated from winning certain war seasons). I would upgrade a few of these off and on; by the time you become a big king, you will be glad you have them.

      Firebolt towers  are critical to upgrade. If you have one of these (or better yet, if you can afford one of these; lvl 1 costs 1.5 million), it will be the pinnacle of your base. Therefore, if you have five of these, you have five pinnacles in your base. :slight_smile:

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I look forward to seeing your opinion around my level (71)

King Level 30 or less: Offense

Okay, so this is not a very complicated topic. Just walk around with your king, hit towers with spells and such, and use your units to back you up. Pretty simple and intuitive, right? :grinning:

Alright, so that’s not very helpful. Honestly, at your rank there isn’t a lot to be said, because you haven’t unlocked very many troops or spells. Your options will be somewhat limited for a while yet. If you do not have your third spell slot or your third troop slot , those should be your top priority. DEFINITELY buy the spell slot first!!! A lot of people make the mistake of buying the troop slot first. I would personally advise not buying anything with your gems until you buy these slots. These slots are absolutely critical if you are to progress very far into the game.

Your most valuable troops will probably be your knights , and your cannons. If you don’t have cannons, you can use whatever you want; I liked frosters best. Cannons are usually used for towers (they don’t target anything else, really), and knights are your filler. Frosters are good at keeping enemy troops off your back. Note that your raiding style should and will be your own; it will develop over time. Some people like to solo the base (Rambo style)–this involves running ahead of your troops with your king and then retreating to see why they haven’t caught up to you yet. Some people (e.g. me) like to stay with their troops, blocking bombs and protecting the troops from harm. I think the best strategy is probably a combination of the two. Other good troops on offense are frosters and occasionally paladins , although I can promise you that your paladins will most likely become useless at higher ranks. If you use paladins, just don’t invest too heavily in them.

Oh, and if you happen to have a boosted troop from an alliance, you should probably use that boosted troop. :slight_smile:

As for spells, you probably will want to run around with firestorm and swordrain. Hammerstrike can be good if you don’t use cannons or paladins, or if you have leveled hammerstrike up a good deal, or if you just like hammerstrike in general. Firestorm is good against most things (and especially firebolt towers once you start fighting those); swordrain is only good for enemy troops. Hammerstrike is actually good on everything if you keep it leveled up. Again, I cannot repeat this enough: if your troops and spells are winning battles for you, don’t change them! :grinning:

As for medals , Don’t worry too much about the medals people offer you. The equations for calculating the medals appear to be less accurate at the lower ranks. However, use reason. I would say that a 200-medal opponent is probably ideal for your rank, maybe? It’s hard to give a number because the medal counts are more flexible at this rank.

Finally, I wouldn’t worry too much about advanced raiding techniques yet. Get used to your spells and troops, unlock arblasters and blizzard and heal, and then you can start implementing more advanced strategy. I will discuss more advanced techniques around king level 30-55.

When I was your rank, here was my favorite raiding combination: knights, cannons, firestorm, swordrain

Later: knights, frosters, cannons, hammerstrike, firestorm, swordrain

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I think to be honest, you should be able to a level 90 now. (cause your level 89 already) 

Great advice here though i probably will not use it cause i’m like a few levels away from your level too. Whats your answer to the Mummy elite boost 24/7 question in chat?

though i think this has been pretty good guide for the lower level kings, Keep it up LK1ng

Hey LK1ing, i’d like to read about your thoughts on higher level kings, keep going :wink:

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