Log of attacks on islands

It will be really beneficial for players if they can review a log that shows

  • Who attacked your island
  • Win / Lose
  • Stats of attacker (i.e which hero, what units used)
  • Replay

Will really help with improving our defense.  

I agree for : 

  • Who attacked your island
  • Win / Lose
  • Stats of attacker (i.e which hero, what units used)

but not the replay, the mystery still remains !

I would like to see a replay of the attack so I can view how my defense did. A replay like Clash of Clans has. 

I agree!!   I’m baffled that there are no type of battle reports.  Log in- heros are booted from island…and no notification as to who battled you and what level, etc.

I think a results tab that shows attacks on your defended islands would be incredibly useful for player. A replay would be nice but isn’t l needed. But I would like to know enemy stats / units and levels of units / if they lose what %. Btw I absolutely love the game but there is a lot that can be done to make it as popular as a clash of clans for example.

Hi there!

Firstly this is an awesome game. I am Rank ~30 and an officer in alliance rank 3. Basically I have played a lot and read/researched well enough.

It seems as though ortho towers and Titan towers (I love fire soccer) are good but most of the other towers aren’t. Especially with the slowing when arteas is converted to ortho towers (buffed), they are insanely strong.

Lapetos seems to not throw flames exactly where it should be throwing them. There is just an area where there is no fire whatsoever.

Hydra towers sometimes attack sometimes don’t. When they strike that venom they are good. But mostly I just easily kill them without any trouble and not a single venom attack.

Chiron are a joke (hahaha)! Even when they are working they throw out spearmen (I guess if lvl 1), an archer (may be lvl 2) or some really very weak unit. killing an archer for. e.g. takes 1 shot or 2 at the most. So even when the towers work they don’t really pack any damage. For the their cost and level requirements, they should at-least throw a couple of axe-warriors. And if upgraded can throw a Siren or Medusa or even a Minotaur. That will make the destruction of skulls a necessary skill. 

Siren and archers are really very squishy and weak. Given that the fight lasts a short while they real don’t have much damage even if carefully planned to be behind barricades.

Now, I could be a little wrong or maybe I am perfectly correct! There is no way to check this unless there is an after-match summary. An after match summary helps a player know what worked and what did not.

So, if we could get some metric like DPS for every unit type in that match it would be great. For every second the unit was actually battling or active. Then I would know if towers are major killers or the waves. I would know if Medusa Lvl 2 is stronger or Minotaur. I would know which towers to attack first and which are not so dangerous.

While I seem to be complaining, I really love this game and I could go on and on about the good features as well!

Thanks again for the great game


Thanks for the cool suggestions!

Adding some way of viewing history and statistics of attacks against you is something we also really want to put into the game, and definitely something we are looking into adding as soon as we have the best and most useful way to do it.  :slight_smile:

Finally event log is what is most lacking in this game. This feature is very important for this type of game. I’m sure that the development team can release beautiful notification about that. For me replay is not mandatory just a text to explain what happened  :grinning:

Add a battle log to the game so I can finally understand where my trophies are going!!  “You can lose trophies without losing an island” is not an acceptable answer.  Lowering tower and buff power after people have spent $$ to get where they were is kinda shady btw.  Thanks Flare!

Thumbs up. Please add a defense log, it’s a fundamental request from every strategist here. 

Yep I’ll third this


Been a few threads on this already - great if we can consolidate to one (this one?).


Hey guys,

This feature is very high on our list, but we also want to make sure that we do it in the best way we can. There’s a good likelyhood that, when it comes, it will be something better and more useful than just a log of attacks. Thanks for your continued good suggestions, it’s always good to know which improvements you guys are missing the most.

So… Sixth.

Thanks CaptainMorgan, though I’ll chime in that even a very basic log now with who won (name, ascension level, % completion of attack, trophies and gems) would be fantastic.

Then the cool stuff later would be great, though I think the clarity on the basics soon would at least reduce the noise/confusion as we normalize in trophies. 

Thanks again for the engagement in the forums, really appreciate it.

Great to hear a response on this issue and I really like the sound of an attack log “8th this”