Login ID



Maybe this is stupid Suggestion or maybe Good Suggestion


I think would be better if RR2 have login ID, with the LOGIN ID user can play everyway


as i know for android is easy to get back the game if the smartphone lose/crash/broke or etc but is worst for windows phone… all the user ,who have the windowsphone need to sent are ticket and is took 2 3days got reply


well with the Login ID the user (windows phone) (not just windows phone for all) dont have problem even the smartphone going lose/crash or broke



PS: last nite my windows phone crash … for 1 or 2 hour… once my phone fix … i found my RR lose( sent the ticket already but until this time i didnt get any reply from support team ) im not money user but i already spent more than 100.00


Sory for my bad english

You speak fine English, and the idea has been thought of by multiple people including me that wanted the idea, no word from flare of this idea(I think) yet.

tQ bro … but actually this idea already old … but now i try throw out it in this forum …


Flare must see our suggestion … because this is good suggestion not for us but for flare aswell


imagine ; our smartphone broke/lose/crash or etc … for android is easy but for windows phone …we have to sent the ticket … and we all need to wait … but with this LOGIN ID we no need to wait … just buy new one or etc


for me report or sent the ticket just wasted the time …


sorry to say @ flare team