Login problem since today's morning

My IGN- Shiva ravi

I am using latest version of game with my Android device.
Facing problem in loging in my acc.

I don’t have any data speed problem because i uninstalled this game and downloaded it again and it took appox 1 min. And still unable to login in the game.

@CaptainMorgan pls look into it and fix it before war starts. I am general of TE-X-AS and my avilablity during wars is very important.

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I am also facing this issue. This is what worked for me. I switched from mobile connection to my home wifi connection. Now I can login into game. Try this,this might work for you too.

I reboot my phone and tried again still didn’t worked , and i don’t have wifi connection at my home.

same thing happening in my account…:frowning:

It is looking like this is happening with players in India. Because all 3 posted till now are Indians.

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I just got access to my acc. , after 12 hours

Don’t know why it is happening and it will happen again or not.

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One more player facing login problem… @CaptainMorgan Please look into this asap.

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Same here, couple hours now that’s stuck to connecting … reboots, line rest, all useless - and net connection works fine for every thing else