I think would be better if RR have login with ID


so the user can login ever where and not just in or smartphone

If you are on an Android or iPhone devices. You can play the same hero on a PC, Tablet, or cell.


If you are on Windows, then things are much different. You can only play on one device unless you switch the game to a new device.

but unfortunatly im using windows phone


but this is only suggestion


with the login user can play ever where



This suggestion is great and I have in the list:

If I copy the game’s savedata, what will happen??? 

savedata is located at: 


The game may or may not switch to a new (has to be) Windows device. The best way is to allow your phone to back up the data to the cloud and log into the new device. When setting up the new device, use the same email address/account used on the old device. Install the game and go through the tutorial. After the tutorial is over, your game will ask if want to load the data from the old devices (from the cloud). This will allow you to transfer.

I tried to play the game on two separate devices. After I switch from an on Windows PC to the new one, the old PCS game will not load. I do need to install updates. It may be a problem with the old computer (I remove the GPU and it uses integrated graphics). I have not fully tested running the game on two Windows devices with the same account. I am in the testing phase to see if I can pull it off. I will try to remember to report back my findings here.


I am not using a phone. I don’t know if WP have a cloud save data thing, but not Windows 8.1 nor Windows 8.1 RT have it. 

If I copy the save data manually, will the account be transfered or synced? 

Windows has a cloud called OneDrive. This is built in to Windows 8.1 and RT by default. I could walk you through it but they are many directions on the web. Just look up how to ensure your apps are backing up to OneDrive or MIcrosoft’s cloud. Let me know if you have additional questions.


well… I will check that



I changed the setting, so if I load another computer with the same windows account and click use the backed up setting, the game will be back? 


Yes. That is how I switch from one computer to the other. I also switched from one iPhone to the other iPhone.


Be sure to log all the information about your account that you can. All towers, units, trophies, kings level, alliance in, donation amount, upgrades currently running, purchases for gems, etc. I mean everything you can see. Just in case you run into any problems, you will have a way to recover the account with Flaregames support.