Longer path??!!

The fifth new level of dungeon has a very long path. Everyone can see it from the latest Flothaboss’s video. But i’m not focusing on this video. I’m talking about another matter. I’m just guessing that a next update probably will introduce a stretch of the path??!! Obviously i’m not sure but (Even if i’m a Magician Lol) If i’m predicting the future, please Flare don’t make this game a labyrinth in all senses. Honestly i don’t like having an Anaconda as path. Or why not add a new monster called Minotaur? Yeah like Knossos’s labyrinth of the Greek mythology. And you guys what do you think? Is it a possible future feature or not? Do you like a labyrinth or an anaconda?  :wink: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ukPwRYvtaE0?feature=oembed


Think the dungeons are there, nice and new, but not for us the mortals ones…

Even Flothaboss barely did it with just a couple of seconds left.

Don’t think it will get to these lengths. And even if so, you will get longer raid times.

Minotaur labirinth… I like this example.

Around 57 squares I counted LOL

That’s a lot of towers and an extreme long path. I think Flothaboss is using troops and spell that aren’t upgraded to new higher levels, so that makes it even more incredible.

The trouble that players of lower alliances have is, that their war boosts aren’t at full strength and neither are their boosts as long as they are not even close to 60 members.

I think most teams first need to max the spells and troops they use before even attemtping to raid the new levels. Next season boost could help if we had insta boosted archer at new maximum. Summon them near  the hero and that could do the trick. With them you can build a gigantic army. Otherwhise I also don’t see how we ever can pass those dungeon levels without the need of scrolling.






perhaps not 57 path length but have in a next update something like around 35 path length with 22 Towers,15 trap,etc… More you can do something exceptional with the design and more the game can be fun. For me more the length is long more that allow to build more design. Maybe its a way to stop the L design. I found this design very boring to do because maybe 60% of player have this.

sure if you add more length perhaps add like 10 seconds more 

L-bases are dull and boring. The future is a Cross shape path.

yeah if we can cross the path could be fun to raid or if we can create bridge to have more possibilty of doing a lot of path and not only the same path we can see everywhere like the L base boring like shit lol. Its so dull to raid someone with that

Some of the latest dungeons have 33 paths, some others even more, instead our max is 29.

I think if we reach 33 paths, we can create some cool interesting bases.

Allow longer paths but limit the amount of paths that can run beside each other.