Look at me !

Two players crazy and attack me, everyday ?

And … i like crazy and madmen ??

Good for you… but remember does not matter how good you are there are always better players 

I’m guessing base on the players you’re somewhere between 4500 and 5k?

By now it shouldn’t bother you being attacked. I hit the same players to level up a lot and open my base for them.

That can’t be true.  someone has to be the best.

It depends on the situation (opponent, boosts, etc.) you might be better at it as some other player.

Similar, otherwise the same player would always be first in the pro league…

You have better and cheater confused.  I don’t think you can add pro into the equation. At least not currently.

Lol u hv favourite me in Ur list. Do u forget how many times u hv failed on my base?

Asked flare to give 

2  pal beast in defense.

Whats ur alli name

I m also gonna try you.

Which one are you and who is he?

Come on you, iam is Heracles Trương!

lets go guy !


Hey bro)


Aahh mustika Indonesia

Some of there r mine frnds , nippon , khaiza , lotc 77 may he left game,  some more from B O A  , brave heart of asia      ( m past member )

Hi ! My friend :slight_smile:

Hello Heracles ?.. Change Ur base.This one is lame…I m beating u with 20sec left each time?

IGN you ? ??

U didn’t see the digit 7??