Look at me !

No man

The new base is also not good , i tried it.

Ign : Rahul T

Seems like some of the guys raided your unbeatable base… don’t you want to post screen shot how your defence doing now??? It would be good to see how “ crazy and madman” doing 

@Heracles your base is totally beatable. I am just 115 lvl guy…check your attack history. I dont know how these guys are raiding you bt i can beat ur base. But dnt loose heart u have good base, its just that offence is OP these days. 

Heracles is going to be a human target now for opening such a thread lol

I used scrolls in above screenshots because I raided him with gold gear that time…with normal gear I can defeat anyone…no matter how tough the base is.

He actually targeted me lol.

Post each other’s attack history so we can have some drama here. It will be better entertainment than Flare’s chapter videos.


*Grabs popcorn*

Uploading screenshots is not my kind of thing.Only cheap people do that ?

Upload an entire Youtube Video then. It would  be funny if it had more views than Flare’s chapter videos.

Are you trying to degrade flare’s chapter videos ??

I’m just bored with the lack of updates =p

Don’t agree with this at all, cause beasts are already just a waste of time to worry about on defense. 2 beasts would do nothing. Also, since damage doesn’t stack, two at one time would do nothing. And then if you say, “Two at one time may do nothing, but flare should have one at the first crown and the second at the second crown.” That doesn’t work either. Cannons take them down too quickly. Either way, having two beasts would probable glitch up the game causing an epic crash which would, in turn, destroy the game :lol: 

Clearly the comment of a guy that has never faced top alliances or max level beasts. Having to face two max level howl beasts would be insane

Hate when have to face phoeebe in defence and two of them … no no no … hope this idea did not crossed FG’s mind