Look for an alliance fusion


I’m leader of Dunelords Alliance. We are looking for another english-french alliance to merge with all our members.
If you are interested, feel free to contact me here or in game.

My IGN is Syrden.


Do you want to merge with the [DARK KNIGHTS] you have to come to us.

Our alliance Is french and a little English. We can have 10 places for You.

If You have question my pseudo is Florian Premier.

P.S.: I am currently in my school alli, the really alliance is : Kuiss 2 Grenouilles.

Hi Darren7,

Do you take part actively to the war seasons ?

Hi Florian Premier,

As your alliance has a lower level than ours, I propose you to come to us if you are OK.

My alliance School Kuiss 2 Têtards = level 10

My really alliance Kuiss 2 Grenouilles = level 29 (34 places)

I invite you on the game

i like to fight in the war season more than everyone

come join me

Ok for info we have found a new alliance to move on.

Thanks for your interest to our alliance.

i have a level 22 alliance and i only give you 3 general spots