Lookin Again part 2

thanks Maestro ,yes but that was a bit much .i donate 1 mil and  will max AT eventually .Skull perk is 22% and will jump  when i get ring …again :confused: of course im not askin for a free ride i just cant commit 100% week in week out so was hoping to find an alli where donations are high to pay for boosts with out the pressure to compete in war and ninja… altho i do try to sooo im hopeing there is something that can cater to my wants 


That’s going to be a tough one if you want 7 or 8 boosts lol.

Most alliances running that amount of boosts will not want to take on someone with only 750k donate that doesn’t participate in all wars and ninja.

Hi, unknown Mr. Bubba. What about a misterious team called G&M?

Hey Karmen i will eventually land back with you fine folks at G&M its where im coming when im ready to retire just not yet :slight_smile:


Ahh, Genie and Master, the retirement home. It’s “The Villages” of Royal Revolt 2, don’t you agree @QuantumApocalypse   

Hol’ up. There’s a retirement alliance in RR2? With no hard commitment?