looking for a ally to join

ign: shivam6

trophies; 3400+

i’m looking for a lvl 55 or more than it ally to join.

What is your AT level?

We have wolf, Knights archers,barricade,bomb tower 24/7. In around 2 week we will be at level  57 and will have most all boosts going. 

ok William invite me

ign; shivam6

We are full now but will have a few spots when war is over.(3 days) What level is your alliance tower? My alliance has a 250k minimum to join. 

my ally tower is 100k but i’m upgrading it soon.

I can defeat players upto 4000 trophies in wars and active player


come join the [DARK KNIGHTS] and when war is over join william22 team

I will talk to my team but 250k is low for us. Everyone here has to be at 250k by level 57. Try “home of the brave!” they are level 53 but have most of the boosts we have. I know Knights, archers, cannon, barricades and bomb 24/7. They have room for 3 right now. I also have a friend there with a 150k tower. I believe they will take you if you’re willing to upgrade when you can.

ok ask them