looking for a clan - i'm active, and my clan is not so much... Lv 66 king

Hey, I’m kinda discouraged because I’m really active and my clan is not.  I do way better in wars than others, and half the clan does not attack.  I have uber gear, 2500 trophies, and a lv 66 king.  Let me know if you have a clan where people are loyal, donate, and attack in wars.  I’m happy to change my base if you want to help me make it better, though it does pretty well so far. 




F.A.Q. is looking for new members. See the ‘other’ forum for details (or turn on invites).





You are welcome to join my alliance “Little HUNS”. We are a level 32 alliance, global rank 385 and part of HUNS alliance. We have won 6 out of 7 war seasons that we played. We will most probably get 2nd in the current war season. We have Blazing knights boost active 24x7 and activate other boosts during war. We are looking for active players and minimum donation is 50K.

Northern Killaz is looking to recruit 2 members you can b one of them. The full alliance roster participates in war seasons and we keep elite boosts active during war seasons. everybody makes donations and every war season we gain more skulls. last war season got over 400,000 our rank is 905 overall and only getting better. come check us out Northern Killaz i know the name may sound a little crazy but we r all friendly

From what I know, your best options are:

  1. Little HUNS. They are great.

  2. Genie and Master. This is the alliance I’m in.


Best is to visit some - then decide.


We were 2nd in the last 2 seasons, against really overwhelming odds, but all but a couple of our Alliance are really committed to the cause. We are small but powerful. You will be welcome. BE FEARED!!! Castleblack Inc. James the anoited

Hi SirToe,

we are a mainly English but also German speaking alliance,

we’d be very happy to welcome you in our alliance “For Reasons Unknown”.

So if you’re still looking for a new alliance, we will be very glad to have another active member with us!

Hi i m leader of one piece143 alliance italy lvl 26, bonus Gold 29% , if you want enter in my alliance 

join the [DARK KNIGHTS]

[For The People] welcomes you. Apply to join us or add me. In game name :  Lectree



Dude, we have a small team (11/28) and all put masses of effort in each war, we are so small cos we have kicked the unreliable players. We consistently get top 3 war placing. We need someone like you. check us out, we are “Qonqr”.