Hey guys I created an alliance which is now under 300 and then I created the suballiance of that alliance.but now it is too hard to play multiple times a day,so it is too hard to continue the growth of the sub alliance.that is why I want to shift some of my players to already established decent alliances.they are not very high level players but then also continuously upgrading themselves.here are the details:-

Anandrly77(2556cups)-100k donation

Asadmiqdad(2272cups)-50k donation

Kd prestige(2224cups)-50k donation

maghadheera(2830cups)-50k donation

Some new players are also here who are active and continuously upgrading them.their detail are:-

Dwallis(1056cups)-20k donation

Jrkalbo(1313cups)-5k donation

Robert chiem(1454cups)-10k donation

Zenshuttle(1267cups)-5k donation

Teemoz1(1119 cups)-5k donation

Lord Oliver of phil(1510 cups)-2k donation

Note-these are new players and continuously upgrading them and their alliance towers.

I am looking for some trustworthy alliances.

I know it is not possible for all of us to go in the same alliance.so alliances who are interested please message me the name of that player also in which you are interested along with your alliance name,we will send you request.we will login daily,donate daily and continuously upgrade ourselves.

Thank you.

I’m interested, but don’t have room v.v Last I heard, Blade Storm had some room for actives too. I’ll PM NeverAngelic and see if that’s still true

How, that entire paragraph rhymed on accident

Send some of those 50k+ donation guys to the HUNS! Elite cannon, knight, arblaster, mummy, barricade continuous. Ask them to PM me, and we have room for them all. I invited one, but the rest don’t accept invites. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks, ROCK619!

Blade Storm is going to do a Sweep in 2 hour after war, we will be finishing at 2# with Frost Arblasters and Surprize Mummy. Power Archers will be activated during war when necessary. We need people who Donate daily, Participate War and preferably talks in the chat. 



For the full list: http://royalrevoltaddicts.blogspot.com/2015/04/blade-storm-alliance.html

Please tell me your criteria to kick players.i hate those alliances who use players for just to win wars and then kick them out.

You want to see how i rightfully kick non participating member? 


There you go: http://royalrevoltaddicts.blogspot.com/2015/05/blade-storm-non-participating-members.html


2 of them were with me for months, donated over 2 million… BUT THEY WERE PULLING US DOWN! I HAD TO DO IT. I’M Sorry Tunch and ey.dud1986. I warned you elders for over  20 days. You just wouldn’t attack and help out. I’m sorry

I do things FAIRLY and very lenient. Who want to join, I have 7 openings now. We have Frost Arblasters and Surpise Mummy in 1 hour. People who join Make Sure you meet the REQUIREMENTS



Key points : Participate in war. JUST 3 ATTACKS is enough man. Donate Daily (min 20k) and thats it! So simple yet some people don’t get it! 


Yes I am a bit emotional after forced to kick some loyal members, but every battle they gave away 1.5k to 4k skulls EACH… we are getting slaughtered thanks to you guys…

^ I know that feel :stuck_out_tongue:


We are looking for players who play regularly and participate in wars. Our alliance is bacon nation, we are currently in the top 600 and we have about 4 openings. Please ask them to put in a join request.


Join us bacon! we have 7 spots open

I know each and everybody wants to win.

But month of trust and friendship is much more important than 5 days war and those silly skulls.

Sorry man but for me respect and trust is everything.

Hope you find some good players and win your next season.

Good luck to you.

Thanks bacon nation for suggesting your name.i had already posted your alliance name in chat.

Hope some of them join you.

Thank you

Where did you get 5 days of war from? I told them time after time over the course of 20+ days, 2’wars, no reply, no comment. Proceed to just donate as usual daily. While every battle, had a total of 16 consist of 1st and 2nd war, just keep getting picked on and not attacking. What would you have me do? Keep them and never win any war and have 0 tiles? Honestly 20 days of warning is WAY Too lenient in my opinion. You don’t even get that many days for sick leave…

I have to agree with NeverAngelic. It’s not so much that friendship isn’t important; it is; but it’s not fair for the other members if they get to enjoy boosts that only the others worked for. In my opinion, daily donations pay for gold boost and elite boosts, but you have to participate in wars to pay for the war boosts. And it doesn’t hurt them, either. Players grow faster than guilds, so they’ll probably find something higher level and more laid-back

I don’t room for the members ROCK but if they ever need an Alliance let them know United We Stand is always open.


By the way I have to agree with you ROCK against Angelic.  United We Stand lost the previous War Season mainly because of Flare matching Us against Alliances in the mid 100s on the Leaderboards but also because We had members who did not and frankly could not attack.  I told my members from the get go of the Alliance I will never force anyone to do anything such as donate or upgrade towers; I make suggestions but never enforce as UWS is a place of fun, freedom, and honor among Kings and Queens.  I told them the same thing for these Wars and for the same reasons and because I and We all realize that We all have lives outside of a video game, We can’t make the battles or donations everyday and yeah it may hurt Us now but in the long run I know that I have hardworking, diligent, caring, and most of all LOYAL members that will stick with Us and not jump ship for higher things.  Some may criticize my methods and not believe or agree with them but that’s what makes us all different is our opinions; I’m a believer that “slow and steady” does win the race safely, smartly, and strategically, I’m no risk taker.


I understand why you did it Angelic and in no way criticize or suggest you change your viewpoint because that’s what makes you and me different as Leaders and players; I was only agreeing with ROCK.  In the end these Wars are pointless, straining on resources and time, and low rewarding battles that are poorly matched and set up map-wise and Alliance-wise.

I still give people leeway if they tell me they’re going to be gone during a certain time. But the person I kicked most recently, he came online every once in a while, and we were within inches of losing our lead, and we were literally SCREAMING his name in-chat, begging him to do his part. He ignored us. We almost lost the entire season, everything we’d worked for, for just one member. Oh, and he donated daily, but only a Lv.2 Alliance Tower. So, between the 2k donations, not participating on his own, and in fact /ignoring/ us when we needed him most, constituted a kick.

That’s an extreme example, obviously, but the point is, I don’t want my other members to lose out on all their hard work just to keep one member. Now, the sweep? When I kicked people who’d been with me for a month (keep in mind, Angelic is now only 4 months old, and had a HUGE turn-over rate for the first 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is they don’t talk, don’t state their reasons, hardly feel like family as like i said, NO REPLY FOR 20 DAYS… I MEAN i swear for the months we’ve been together, tunch talked 2-5 lines of conversation. Ey.dud never spoke 1 single word… What would you have done? I really don’t know, it’s like their on their own solo RPG. :slightly_frowning_face:

Please send me an invitation. My name is Prince.India