Looking for a good Alliance for lower level dude

Ok I’m dumping my alliance because after 3 days I’m the only person to ever say anything in chat.

I’m looking for a fun alliance that participates in the game and supports each other. I dont want to be part of a whiner little girl only alliance. I want one that wont get their panties in a bunch when I vent in chat or when I joke around talking a little trash. Just want to gave a great time playing the game.

I feel you, BadRandy217. I’m currently in an alliance where everyone speaks Vietnamese or something like that. I can’t follow a word they’re saying but it’s a big alliance and I really admire the leader’s tactics and leadership (even though I don’t know all of what he says). Someday I may eventually join a smaller alliance just for the social aspect. . . haven’t decided about that yet. . . good luck in your search though! :slight_smile: