Looking for a good alliance for lvl 74 king

King lvl -74

Activity during war-100%

Skulls earn per battle -2400+ 

Donation -100k(in 2 weeks i will up ally)

Boost: Knight,Archer,Barricades all time.

Need very friendly ally where i can learn the game and some useful tactics. And most important thing is no fixed skulls for war. I can earn 2400+ regular. And if you want to kick me pls notify before doing that. 

Hey bro, We are level 20 alliance with most active members :slight_smile:

hi Eshrakur come join my team the [DARK KNIGHTS] we are level 14 and barricades and archer are permanent. we fight two wars and we got first in both of the war and the war that we are fighting now we will win.we are very active and help each other.So come over to the dark side friend… :wink:


I vouch for what titanka is saying, we have 80% alliance war win rate and every single member attacks except one which we booted today 

It’s a great alliance and we plan to continue growing 


join Allegiant  

Hey eshrakur,

we Need and can get help. With your experience you can improve out loser members. I and my Generals can bring you on a higher Level.