Looking for a good alliance

Zohaib The King is looking for a good alliance , my current alliance has many boosts but they aren’t so friendly so i am looking for top 70 alliance .

My donation - 100k ( 150k soon)

  • 3200 trophies

  • level - 73

I am very active and will definitely battle In every war, I need a friendly alliance , less boosts will work too

League of shadows have slot for u…

We have 30 more slot, so we can easily go to top 100 globaly

What is your ign?

Or u can add my ign : wiltotan

Which boosts?

My ign is - Zohaib The King

so you can come to my alliance. my alliance name is iran 22.you can is my general in iran22.

we have war now and if you can help me thanks a lot. my alliance level is 10.and have 15/15 players . if you like join to my alliance I kick out one player for you.


We’re a small group of active and shipper friendly guys. Check us out. We’d love to have you

I have got my alliance . Thanks for your offer guys

Hello,I’m here looking for any active players ready to join an active alliance that’s ready to thrive. Please join the Nordic Fighters and be prepared for war