Looking for a merger

Hi guys!

We’re a small Clan with 24 slots. I have about 8-10 super active players that range from 2k-3k trophies. We’ve been super competitive in clan wars winning more than 75% of them up to this point.

I’d like to merge with a smaller Clan that has say 12/14 members. They need to be enthusiastic, active during every way and donate a min of 20k daily.

So if you’re looking to merge with a small group of guys that push hard and constantly avg 2100+ trophies per war add me as a friend in game and let’s talk.

Thanks for looking


IL general

oops wrong topic

No worries, we’re still looking for a possible merger or highly active and motivated people to fill. We have 10 open slots. Let me know if you’re interested.

Do you still have interest and would your clan be willing to join United We Stand?


Please contact Master Diaz if so.

Sent you a private message. If the issue still relevant, please contact Dena4 or me.

I thought dena was out of the picture? My clan offers stability. If you’re looking for a winning chemistry you know where to find us

I am not out. Only I am no longer representing United We Stand. Now I am representing Genie and Master.


We are looking for members or a team (war season participating members) willing to join us. Very simple rules, have fun by chatting with team members, enjoy the game, behave as a real team member and cash-free. In our alliance members are important. Act like a team member means also helping members during war season.


To be clear, we are not looking for clans/alliances taking us over.

If interested, I’m looking for 8 strong, social and dedicated members. Preferably those who have 1,000+ trophies to join my alliance THE VANGUARD LEGION. My friend code is AYHCDKIU