looking for a new alliance

hey guys, i am a lv 93 king with a daily donation limit of 150k… and i have enough gems for alliance tower upgrade… i am just waiting for alliance party event… i am looking for a moderate alliance with a very specific category… i am looking for an alliance with no f*ing indians in it… i hate these people so much… also,at least permanant tough barricades and raging wolf would be nice… and i am a very active member… 

no indians… what a weird specification, right…?? ??

Idk, not weird if you live in Pakistan, maybe…lolz

But what do i know? Im an American and Ive got Canadians to worry about. grrrrrr

When your tower is done you have many options of all sorts of weirdos

You should change your post title to “Racist looking for a new alliance”. What’s next, no women in your alliance ?

yeh I agree bit racist and wrong place there a sub category for looking for alliance

why is racism tolerated in the forum mods?

Racism is NOT tolerated in the forum. In fact, Its a violation of terms.


I think we can all agree that “getting political” isn’t your best move in a global wide video game. whatever your personal views may be…

I found rozinhasan’s comment to be a thaughtful, proactive sencitivity to just that. If he already sure to himself that playing ice with whomever might not work, then why not piont that out?

ive gottin kicked from tons of alliances where my sence of humor or manor of speah/ lifestyle whatever isnt compatable with there chat room. and i have to respect that. I also have to continue to be me. (whatever that is)

lets all take it down a knotch, eh?

everyone is calling me racist because of  my post… lets make something clear… i dont hold any grudge against indians… its just that i have been in alliances with indians in them… and they always speak about all sorts of weird and abnoxious crap and i typically dont like that… thats why i said what i said… 

lolz lucky guess.

Dang, I’m good.

The trolls are aiming for me, perhaps. Donno, Don’t care.  :stuck_out_tongue:

(If “indians” turned out to be the name of a horse you used to own, I would’ve felt kinda silly…)

hey, don’t blame all the Indians

All this dramatics peaked my curiosity as to the nature of India Pakistan relations…

I found “Wagah Border Closing Ceremony”

WoW! They trippin balls lolz

I could watch that all day.

What one the black team and whos the brown?

Your post is indeed out of place, the Looking for Alliance forum is here: http://forums.flaregames.com/forum/44-looking-for-alliance/

I think a mod can also help by moving the thread.

Also, you don’t have to blame all Indians, I agree with Titanka there, we have some Indian players at G&M and they’re great bros to have in the team. If you’ve had a bad experience with bad Indians then you should have explained yourself better, because that was racist indeed, but even so, you can’t hate all roses because one of them hurt you…

By the way, you’re no one to tell Titanka to not comment, he doesn’t need someone to force him, he’s free to comment using only his will.

Karman, it no use of explaining to him. I bet he knows there is a separate category for alliances, but instead choose to post here to highlight the “Indians”. So did he got any reply back on alliances :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying I really hate Indians is racist full stop. There are no excuses for that.

Rozinhasan but but ur mom loves Indian Dick. Ohh I get it that’s why u hate us…