Looking for a nice alliance? Join LoliKingdom!




cool post! so pretty to look at :slight_smile:

how can i join?



in the alliance tower, search our name! or we can invite you if you give us your id

This might be the coolest thing I have seen all day… :wink:

We got the 3rd place in the war… But we will get the Doom Gate if you come to help! And let’s grow together!

Nice post! When I look at it …I just can say " Wow! Look at that.That’s great " . Good luck to you

It was so good and bright with a variety of color it almost gave me a seizure

Join us! we still have inactive players, so don’t be scared about being kicked. 

To lose time to create post like this means that you like a lot the game. Congrats and keep growing =)

Photoshop is my hobby  :slight_smile:

We have a lot of open spots now! Join! 

There are a lot of spaces open, join now! 

I’d like to join.  I’ve applied via the game but I’m applying here as well. I’m active and am looking what else the game has to offer besides a 4 man guild.

Muy ñame si xX4quil3sXx y mis amigos Lolobascu. xXmarlonXx11 xXXXleonchoXXXx

eh… i can’t understand this… 

My Nick and my friends…





Need invitation,