Looking for Active Alliance!

IGN: PimpNasty

Lvl: 99

Donation: 500K, but upgrading

Preferred Boosts: Ogre Wolf Monk Cannon

Alliance Level: 70 would be nice, around 60 fiefdoms, top 50

Just started back playing and looking for an active alliance to play with. I’m in my old default alliance by myself. My trophies are sitting at 2500 but that’ll  change when I’m back raiding lol. I use to sit between 4600- 5k trophies before I stopped playing. A lot of stuff has been added but I’ll still be around that area

@PimpNasty you should join Genie and Master, they’ve got those boosts!

@PimpNasty I sent you an invite from HUNS if you feel interested to join :slight_smile:


also like you in GreyGuardians