Looking for Active Alliance

Hey I’m a lvl 28 player. Just joined about a week ago and love the game. Tried creating my own alliance but got bored with finding any good members. I am looking for a high level and active alliance. I am on every day and do not miss my donations ever. Let me know if you are recruiting. Thanks guys.

Hi there,


I guess it makes more sense to browse the recruitment topics and send a private message (PM) to the leaders/contact persons of some alliances you think sound nice and appropriate for you.


This has two reasons:

  1. If any player searching for new alliances opens a new topic, this will soon be a complete mess.

  2. Most alliances will prefer to answer requests and post information in their own recruiting topics rather than search for all other topics and look if someone might be there to join them.


Also, your current alliance tower level and the amount of trophies you currently have (as those determine your highscore ranking) might be interesting for alliances, so I suggest adding those two stats to your post and mention them along with your hero lvl and activity in any applications via PM.

You are invited to join Time Lords, oligarchs of the planet, alliance level 6 (now).