Looking for active English Alliance!

Hi guys! I’m a newbie player to this game, but I’ve played many games like this in the past, so I will grow quickly and be active.  I’m looking for an active, English alliance that I can help out with, whilst learning this game as I go along. I’m not opposed to a full on war alliance, but I’d rather have a less strict schedule such as having to be active each and everyday, donate a certain amount everyday etc… Feel free to send me invites or message me if you would like me to join or tell me more about your alliance. I’m in US CST, so depending where you are, I may not respond right away. Cheers guys, and thanks for your time. <3 -Z

Hello i would like to introduce our guild to you - Herr der Greife. We are currently ranked 307th. Attendance in war and daily donations are required( the gold loss doesnt really hurt anyone on any level). Currently i d prefer players lvl 30+ but you seem to be into these kinds of games so i d be willing to give you a shot if you would be interested. You can join discord for easier communication - link is in the picture below.

Anyway i hope you ll have a good time playing the game :grinning: