Looking for Active Fighters

Alliance Name: TEXAS

Alliance Quote:  “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Alliance Level: 27

Alliance Need: Active Members

Alliance Strengths: Defensive Strategies, Alliance Battles

About: We are a non-toxic, casual Alliance where everyone is respected and valued. Advancement is given by your performance in Alliance Wars and Defensive upkeep. Not all of us are from Texas but we do show the hospitality to all members. 

About the Leader: Max level, Tactical, Very Active, Texan, has a great sense of humor, and is very knowledgeable about defenses. He got his PhD from the Hall Of Olympus and is looking to pursue more kills on enemy lawns. His favorite ice cream is Rocky Road because that is all that will be left when he destroys his foes. He likes long walks on the beach because the trail to your gate is too short. When he attacks you, reinstall the game; that will be the only way to get your towers back. Be wise and join or be like Zues and check under your bed for Zarrac before you go to sleep every night.

About the Captains: The captains are precisely chosen by Zarrac. They are the loyal guard, groomed for perfection in the arts of destroying and defending. If you are lucky enough to be one, enjoy your blessing. As for their enemies, tread lightly.

If you are new, stay a while and talk with Zarrac and the Captains. They are very helpful.

If you are our enemy, buy lots of gems; you will need them to get to our gate.

How to Join: Search for “Texas” and click join.


Texas is still active. Come and join the fun!

That was a very informative and humorous description of our alliance Breaktex.  As for the gems you mention; earning gems from people who just cant seem to get past my defenses without a little divine help is what gets me out of bed in the afternoon.  Well…that and work.

So, you eat gems for breakfast. Just when i though you couldn’t get tougher.


I was intrigued by the witty intro here and the promise of a professionally run alliance. But when I checked you guys out I saw that many of the high ranking players (ascension 130 and above) had trophy counts way way under par, with some having less than 6,000. I don’t see how people would have to spend gems to beat someone with so few trophies. I had that many trophies when I was at level 100. But worse of all, while you have the one war blessing you do not have any regular blessings in play. And no serious player will join an alliance that does not offer at least a few blessing during the off season. So for that reason I have to pass. But hopefully you’ll take to heart my critique and rectify the problem of having no regular blessings. Because you won’t entice players away from other alliances until you do.

Thanks bud for the constructive criticism. We do take pride in defenses but we usually use blessings during war. We are trying to get more donations for off season. It is a work in progress. You should test my defence; it is good without blessings. Join for a bit and see we offer more than just blessings. Thanks again!


Texas is now using blessing 24/7!

thank you for your input Harry!

Skurge approves of Texas

Follow YouTube link:



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