Looking for active members...lvl65+

xTwistedKrakkenx is looking for 9 new ACTIVE warriors! English is primary language. I admit this alliance isn’t very talkative. I am usually only one talking most the time lol. I would prefer members who speak/understand English but it isn’t mandatory. Must be lvl 65+ an capable of donating at least 50k preferably. We boost Knights lvl 6 24/7 right now. Nothing else yet sadly. We boost Paladins and/or Barricades usually during War if needed. I really only have 2 mandatory requirements, do your top 3 battles MINIMUM during EVERY WAR during war season. Also make sure they are QUALITY top 3 battles. So I don’t want to see you do 3 battles an only a total of 1,200 skulls. I am always cleaning out inactive players/non-war participant players after every war season.  We need ACTIVE players who love to kick @$$ during war season! Come join us. :slight_smile:

Message me for any ?'s.


Hello there!

I have sent you an application! Some info:

I’m level 70 and daily very active. Donating 250k a day and will probably this month be 500k. Even more active during weekends/events. Usually do 10/10 games in wars and with Ninja events I usually have a top 5 position.

Been general in another alliance but I it’s time to have a better one with boosts. Besides that, Í’m talkative in the channel :slight_smile: