Looking for active players! ^_^

Hellllo!! My guild - KrisTyN is looking for active players! I know the guild name is not as cool or may even look stupid because its my name haha! BUT everyone in the guild is FUN, FRIENDLY and active player =D

I started this game as a casual player so I just created the guild using my name just for fun but somehow as months pass by I got a few fun active players to join me and tadaahhh it got me excited to play everyday!

My guild rank top 3 in the past 3 War Season. However, this season, we didnt do very well as a few of our active players has stop playing =(

We may not be the top guild or has super fantastic boost >_<! but if your keen to join, here are some info:

  • Gold bonus: +12%

  • Alliance level: 16

  • Tax bonus: +5%

So… If you are interested to join a fun, friendly and active players guild… Do join us now! =D