Looking for active serious members

As the title states our clan “immortal legend” not to be confused with immortal legends is looking for new very active members for war.

We have just a few requirements which we believe are pretty standard. They are as follows:

-Be active during all wars

-donate daily

-be friendly to all members

-outgoing is a must

A little about us as a clan. We have been playing royal revolt 2 for a little over 2 months and have absolutely fallen in love with the game.

We started off as 3 guys who work together on a small farm in Massachusetts. We joined this clan randomly without much knowledge of bigger named clans sorry immortal legends no harm intended. Any who the clan fell aparted but we stuck together. We took the clan from 10 members to 23 and counting in just a few short weeks. Hopefully in good time we’ll climb in ranks. And be up there in a more competitive manor.

We are currently seeking new members 1900+ that are looking for a serious war clan. Please feel free to apply via in-game clan name “immortal legend” you may find me “caterinosmp” I’m on and off all day.

Thanks for reading and all interest.


Immortal Legend

Closed at this time thanks for all the interest