Looking for alliance, 67 lvl, 3k trophy, pay to win

So i will try my luck here, im looking for a place, im already a member of a guild but i just wanna try to find something where ppl know what to do, yes im active, during everything, i play daily and yes since the game is pay2win i already bought more than 40k gems, guess i will keep bying some, so if anyone is interested getting a decent player let me know here or in game nick: devileska

Ta lads

Hi Devileska, i’m leader of Gods of Destiny i’m oPelle in-game, we are lvl 35 now, we have lost lot of players due to fact that we will probably lose this war season, so now we are currently 28/40 so there are enough slots for the alliance, but we don’t discouraged ^^. Of course i’m looking for active players and daily donation over 75k but also important loyal player. Probably not all war can be won since there are always good and bad moments so if you want just send the invite we have also people around your level so don’t worry. We are a multi-language alliance but the main language is english if you know, if you don’t know it we used to use google translate  :slight_smile:

Also we have recently lost elite mummy (our precious mummy xD) but we will try to gain it in the next war surely so 10 days to wait (yeah i know it’s hard to wait but we passed worst moments ^^)

You can check also the main alliance page of the forum currently: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/631-gods-of-destiny(i update the page manually when necessary)


If you want to join or do a trial period send me a message here on forum or in-game, feel free to choice.

P.S.:If you are interest i won’t be online for the next 17 hours so contact my generals in-game: Stephil, Jurgenas or 24naha or SpaceDog0097 so they will let join 

And I am Jack (Dena4) of Genie and Master. We have some veterans inside our alliance, including me that test members bases and help them to improve. During cooldown period we are often visited by top players and they really teach you how to improve a base.


Our device is having fun, friendship and integrity, no pay 2 win required. No need to buy new gems, keep your cash for other things, we teach you how and what to improve without wasting cash. With us private life goes first and we even don’t demand our players to be online constantly by this time consuming game. We like to chat, enjoy the game in our way and with us you have the time to improve. Our war seasons are relatively easy, so you have all the time you need to improve. Our members are very loyal. Even in bad times none of the current members leaves, we stay together as a team.


Members are important, that’s the way I manage our alliance. We even teach you not to be dependent of boost, we will win war boosts for sure this and next war seasons, so don’t worry about losing a war season for the moment. Players in our alliance feel very happy under my command. Even some players that were on the point of quitting tried itamd you know what? Nobody did, since they get the best of two worlds, time to spend with their family and friends, plus time to be online with their virtual friends, the members of our alliance.  


Sounds good? I already send you an invite. Hope to see you soon joining our alliance.




Jack (Dena4)


Genie and Master.