Looking for alliance. IGN matthaias +/- 2k trophies, ascension level 49. Gem spender. Currently in top 30 alliance but they dont use blessings...



Title says it all…


Ascension lvl 49,


About 2k trophies - with my high ascension level I am competing against people with constant blessings on creatures and towers, and my alliance doesnt donate a lot of money so I never have blessings now… -> losing lots of trophies now.




I have gems and willing to use them if everyone in the alliance does the same efforts.


Only looking for top alliance.


For further information, ask me


I am also super active!!

I speak english, nederlands, français, und ein bisschen deutsch ?





You got invited to Blueline

Hey Tzogos,

I have received the invite but the clan is full at 37/37 :slight_smile:  


Check now

I would like to invite you to the top alliance “Щит и Меч”
What you’ll get?
We GUARANTEE buff (blessings) 24/7 (barricades, spearmen, warriors, 2 towers).

What do I need from you?
Each member of our Alliance regularly Donating $ money in the alliance. 1-2 million least a week, it’s required. All helping clan and stay active. In this our secret.

Join the alliance “Щит и Меч”, or leave your nickname, so we sent the invitation. Welcome to the best union. Limited number of seats
Join now!! Alliance «Щит и Меч»