Looking for Alliance, lv 82, 3800 trophies, 150k donations



Instead it is for a friend of mine - IGN: LK1ng - who wants an alliance that runs Knights, Archers, Werewolves, Ogres, and, if possible, Cannons, 24/7


He is a daily player and will fight in every war season. He has 3800 trophies, donates 150k daily, and is lv 82. Please send him an invite!

Join India 2

Alliance Name: Spell Force

Alliance Level: 32

Main Language: English

We use boosted permanent (24 / 7):





Hey Naviorus, do u also consider players who donate 75k?

Hey, yeap, why not, if  its an active player and he won’t forget to donate gold daily, we may check him :slight_smile:

join mine (we need 2 active player), just search “wrath of warriors”

Oh I had forgotten about this post.

I m sure I received an invite from spell force. Thnx Naviorus nd massi as well. BTW I ll upgrade my tower during next alliance party. This

I did send a request but it was rejected. Maybe some other time.

check out Northern Killaz. We keep atleast 4-5 boosts active at all times during war seasons. The whole alliance participates in war seasons we have 2 open slots with 3 levels in the 70s and alot of 60s and some 50s. Our alliance is only getting better racking up more skulls each war season and taking first everytime. last war we pulled over 400,000. Check us out Northern Killaz! hopefully we can change the name soon i didnt put much thought into it i didnt know i would end up playing the game everyday! lol We r ranked 915 at the moment

Pk: Laughing coffin