_ We are looking for new members to join our alliance!!! _


_ Vanguard is looking to recruit 20 new members to our alliance. We have 3 requirements. One you must have a trophy count of 1800 or higher. Two you must make a daily donation of 50k or more. Three you must participate in the alliance war, by this we mean fight to the best of your abilities to win 3 crowns in 3 fights per war. _


_ Last time we were full we ranked around the 160’s in the alliance leadership boards, also your gold bonus will be 30% or better once we fill all the slots!!! This is the perfect oppurtunity to get started in a extremely active and what can be extremely powerful alliance. We are a “apply to join” alliance search Vanguard if you meet the requirements and want to join up!! Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to hearing from you!! _


_ RobertoLorenzo _






The spots have filled up quickly!!! We currently have 4 spots left open. Were currently ranked 217 in the alliance leaderbord and have a gold bonus of 28%. As stated before that bounus will be 30% or better once were filled. We also will be ranked under 200 in the world!!


It should be mentioned that this alliance is EXTREMLY active. Everyone makes their donations and everyone will be participating in the alliance wars… This alliance will be in the top 100 in the world in 4 to 6 weeks time and still advancing. VANGUARD!!!



Invite me xhuynhde

Trophy 2800,  level 71, donation 100K