Looking for alliance to merge

United We Stand is looking for a nice alliance that is willing to transfer their members over to United We Stand.


We are looking for an alliance with members with following characteristics:

  • Love to chat (English language preferrable)
  • Act and support their team
  • donate daily (50k+)
  • like to participate war season
  • preferrable trophy rank 2500+

The requirements are not strict and are still discussable.


Is your alliance interested, or are you interested of becoming member?


Then don’t hesitate any longer and contact Master Diaz.



what happen to the alliance actually ? down to 10 members , is that all thats left ?

I am interested in discussions. Possibly your players joining our alliance :grinning:

But I cant add you as a friend in game for some reason.

Reason for only 10 players left behind is a bit strange, but telling the truth is my device.


For personal health reasons, I needed to step back and create a sister/brother alliance with the intention to get more free time. Managing the alliance literally cost me many hours per day and I chose to be less frequent active to have more time for my family. Jordan and I were leading the alliance for 8 months together as two captains/brothers. Last two months I was managing the alliance almost completely by myself, because Jordan had personal private matters and had almost no free time available. We always say, this is a game and private life goes first, so I accepted Jordan only was there for the group a few moments per week. It became too much for me to handle it by myself and my team knew it was hard for me to do it all alone. They asked me many times to relax and told me that they appreciated my help. But who was going to manage the alliance, an alliance without leadership is doomed. So I continued taking care of the alliance, being there for players at times when they needed me most, hoping that Jordan would return soon to assist me.


It literally was affecting my private life a lot, but the temporary absense of Jordan could not change the situation. Last couple of days it became too much, without any sight of hope, since I didn’t know when Jordan had time to lead his alliance again. I did desperate calls several times, but only answer I got is to relax and let the members handle it by themself. Like I told, this would mean the end of a great alliance, if nobody is in charge. Two options remained. Quit the game or start a new alliance. Going on like that was no option any longer, it’s a game and not worth destroying my private life.


I chose for a fresh start and had the intention to start a new alliance and wanted to let it grow slowly, for my health situation that would be the best option. On my goodbye speech I asked the members to stay calm and together as a team, I hoped Jordan would become more active and lead the team again. I was surprised by the fact of the shock wave that was caused, giving him no time to do so.


As soon as I took control of the new alliance and started to create room for new players, a lot of members decided to follow me, instead of staying. Some of them did big donations, so the alliance grew fast. Leading more members following the example. They chose to be at my side. During hard times I was there for everyone, keeping the alliance together as a team. I took care of them, so when I left, they decided to follow the person that took take care of them, me. Their motto is, we are a team, we need you, you need us. We are now going to take care of you, you get more free private time.


Jordan (Master Diaz) was completely shocked, when he discovered, I realise it. He is a very good leader, so he doesn’t deserve this. In literally less than a few hours a great part of original members left, leaving United We Stand with 10 members behind. Most of the members tracked me down and joined my new alliance.


Yesterday I tried to calm down Jordan, it was very stressfull and had a huge impact on me, but I can’t leave my friend behind like this. I will not go into details here over the discussion, but we did our best to calm down Jordan. Jordan really has to take care of the remaining team since he needs to make free time to lead, despite the fact he has almost no free time. I hope he will be able to take control the situation and lead the remaining members of the alliance, he is the leader, not me.


The alliance split literally into two parts, the new one and the original one. Since players are free to chose where they want to be member of, I accepted them into the new alliance, most of them already left the original alliance anyway. For the new alliance that is no problem, since we started from scratch almost two days ago, but for the original alliance it is a huge problem. For me going back is no option, I would stop for sure and for members that followed me that’s also no option, they would already have left long time ago, if I did not take care of them.


I don’t think that Jordan is willing to transfer his alliance to another one, United We Stand is his dream. I can tell you that the remaining members are very good and loyal members. I want to help him restore the alliance to full strength, but have to think on my health, so this was my way to try to help the team I was part of for a very long time.

first thing I like to said I not here to be an @sshole or anything.

Dena4 I don’t think you did anything wrong an ally got break up it all leader fault because he don’t know how to handly his ally. yes this it a game everyone have problem in RL but if the leader can train his member/gerenal/co-leader to run an ally as a team he don’t even need to be in the ally or even need to do anything.

Me I have make an ally call Rising Warriors( only 3 1/2 month old) and it already run by itself and got up to rank 134 or so now. right now I not even in the ally my general and co leader are running it.

Being a leader can sometimes be a thankless job. Especially counciling your teammates (not to mention countless hours recruiting). It sounds like you were the leader, with the title of General.

Obviously, I don’t know the whole story, but I hope you don’t run into the same stressful pitfalls that you did before.

Good luck in your new alliance, it sounds like UWS lost a lot of great people. That is always sad, but when one door closes, another door opens. Try not to take things too seriously; this is just a game =)

Adjustments after that will take a bit of time, but just search for the chatty Kings and let them grow

My outfit the darkblood knights is a recruitment merc company, my soldiers are 100% loyal to whomever they serve if u are interested in inviting as many as you need. Even though they are loyal they are still a part of the darkblood faction so they wont attxk me. If interested send me a message