Looking for Alliance

It’s not easy looking for an alliance when min req is 50k donation and lvl50+ when you’ve just started playing, and when you join a alliance around your level most are inactive…

So I’m looking for a active alliance that doesn’t mind a 900 rated player, I’m active an on daily… Also talk a lot… And still learning the game.

Ig: ObiKenobi

Join us! WolfpackGoons. Level 6 alliance

I.C.E. is an open alliance. You can join them. If you do great, you will move over to illuminati5 which is a great place to game. The requirements can be found here for illuminati5: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5117-illuminati5-donate-50k-and-ice-no-requirements/


That profile pick made me throw up a little in my mouth :grinning:

Wolfpackgoons we pay money and got our alliance up to 8 alreafy. We have 3 people. 2 level 26 and a 10. We always donate and pay for the 200k donations. It’s open and we only need active players who donate

Come join fighting irish. Level 14, good camradarie and everyone is welcome as long as they are active. My username is SetantaL

I am easy to find

You guys are just fighting for him…what is this shark tank?